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Thursday’s Best of 2012 Category feature is the Team Introductions:

All week I will be posting a blog about the different categories, looking for our readers to engage and share their favorites.

History of the Golden Steagle

When you win a Best of Award from, you win not only the industries most prestigious title but you win an actual Golden Bobblehead (Note: painted gold, not made of gold!).  Here is the history of the Steagle and how it came about:

Best of The Golden Steagle™

The Best of 2007 Awards was the first year of our award, The Golden Steagle™. For the first years of the Awards, winner received notice on the website. In later years winner also received a small glass engraved plaque.  For many years we looking for a new award, to better reflex on the industry as a whole. We liked the idea of a golden bobblehead, but we never had a suitable character to use.

Enter Stephen Colbert from The Colbert Report.

The Saginaw Spirit held a vote on their website to name a new secondary mascot for the 2006–07 season. The mascot was named Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle after Stephen Colbert.  Colbert drove his audience to the Spirit web site to vote for the name Steven Colbert for this mascot and the massive traffic left the Spirit little choice but to play into Colbert’s hands.

After naming the mascot after Colbert, the Spirit won seven straight games before losing to the Sarnia Sting on October 20. Since then, The Colbert Report has featured ongoing comedy sketches related to the team, the mascot, and other teams in the Ontario Hockey League, especially the Oshawa Generals.

On Feb. 27th, 2007 Colbert noted on his show that Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle was named a top mascot on in 2006, behind only the Toronto Raptor. Colbert’s mock outrage at a Canadian mascot being named ahead of Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle resulted in the Toronto Raptors being moved from “On Notice” to Colbert’s “Dead to Me” list on his show. (see the video on this page)

In the segment Colbert covered the Best Mascot award, noting “ is the big time” which lead to the most single day hits in the site’s history (showing that Colbert was actually “big time”). The nexus of, the Steagle Colbeagle Character and Colbert’s self-professed greatness lead us to The Golden Steagle™ as our bobblehead character award.

Special thanks to Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle and the Saginaw Spirit for allowing us to use the likeness for our new award. We also thank Steven Colbert for his generous assessment of our importance and also for his inherent greatness.

Starting in 2007 Best of award winner receives The Golden Steagle™ Bobblehead trophy to commemorate their award.  Other organizations have since honored by creating their own knock-off version “Golden Bobblehead” awards (we’re watching you MILB!)

Today’s category:

Best Team Introductions:
Which team introduction is the best produced, executed, fresh and innovative. Consider creativity, value to fans, execution, quality of presentation, fan interaction and attention to detail. We level the playing field by considering budget constraints to minor league teams. The category will consider focus primarily on the standard introduction (opening night variations will be considered, but the focus is on the standard game production). Due to the category we will also rely heavily on video reviews (YouTube, etc.).

This is such a fun category and now that almost all openings can be found on YouTube (posted by teams, shown on TV, or live by fans) you can really see a long list of great possibilities.  With this high video entry rate, it’s a also a great place to learn from other teams and be inspired by what other are doing.

Here is a winner for 2009 from Wake Forest University….showcasing an amazing (and award winning entry).

YouTube Preview Image

Be sure to share your favorite and if possible a link to a good version on YouTube.

Submit your nomination on the CONTACT US page at .  The form has a drop-down menu labeled “I am interested in”.  Select “BEST OF AWARD SUBMISSIONS”, then select the category of your submission.

Be sure to submit your favorite before the November 15th cut-off date so our Panel will receive your nomination.  Also feel free to add comments or thoughts about why you like them or links to any additional information our panel should consider.

Thank you!


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