Roy Hibbert Auditions for a Steagle

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We continue our week long look at the Best of Awards with the Best In-Game promotion or contest.

All week I will be posting a blog about the different categories, looking for our readers to engage and share their favorites.

Quick recap of how this works:

1.  All year we accept nominations in each category.  You can nominate anything you’ve seen, read about, like, and of course you can nominate yourself.  Nominations close on November 15th.
2.  On November 16th Nominations are collected and sent to our panel for review.
3.  Panelists consider all nominations and other yearly highlights to pick their favorites.
4.  Results are tabulated and announced on December 3rd, 2012.

Our first category is:

Best Game Promotion:

What single game night promotion was most effective and creative. An example would be “President’s Night” where a team builds a game day promotion around a theme like “President’s Night”, perhaps handing out US flags and having namesakes like “George Washington, Richard Nixon, and George Bush” dropping the puck for a game held on President’s Day. Consider creativity, entertainment value, media exposure, drawing power, and execution of the operations.

Thia category is becoming more difficult with some innovative on-line video segments like this year’s Roy Hibbert Gangham Style video and the 2010 Honorable Mention “I’ve Got a Feeling” video from the New York Knicks.  These incredible in-game elements don’t fit our traditional categories, which is a problem I will try to address before the panel decides this year’s awards.

If you haven’t seen the Roy Hibbert video, here is the Gangham-Style “Flash Mob” video they released this month:

YouTube Preview Image

What caught your eye in 2012 for Best Game Promotion, either in the more traditional sense, like a “Tribute to Bubblewrap”, or one of these more on-line and video elements like Roy Hibbert.  Please share your favorites.

Submit your nomination on the CONTACT US page at .  The form has a drop-down menu labeled “I am interested in”.  Select “BEST OF AWARD SUBMISSIONS”, then select the category of your submission.

Be sure to submit your favorite before the November 15th cut-off date so our Panel will receive your nomination.  Also feel free to add comments or thoughts about why you like them or links to any additional information our panel should consider.

Thank you!


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